Where's my Chip & Joanna Gaines?


When things go wrong in my life, I am the kind of person that jumps into action trying everything I know to make it right. I sometimes do more harm than good because my mouth starts moving before I can listen, my fingers start pointing before I dare look at the ones pointing back at myself, and/or my feet will gain wings. I will fly towards the problem if I have courage or I will fly far away if I do not. I pretty much become the person that tries to fix something broken in my home as if I magically morph into this expert if I watch enough Fixer Upper. After a while, I’m left with no solution to the original problem and the bathroom door is now completely off the hinge when all it needed was some WD40.

How I wish I could say that I am perfect and that I am the Joanna Gaines of my own life. I wish there were enough Fixer Upper reruns to fix certain broken things in my life. However, the truth is I am more like the broke, busted, and disgusted house Chip and Jo find in the neighborhood. You know that house. The one that no one else wants and you cringe when you drive past it. Then one day you see someone standing outside that house with their head tilted and their hands on their hip. You think, “If that person can turn that mess into something, it will be a miracle.”

In different seasons of my life, I have been that house. In one season, everything about my life was broken on full display. In other seasons, my outside was repaired and beautiful, but the inside still needed a lot of work. But all it took was for someone to stand in front of me with their head tilted and their hands on their hip.

When that someone came, he didn’t see me as I was in my brokenness. They saw something beautiful that just needed a little love to lift me out of the pit and a hand to hold as I walked through the painful but necessary process of restoration. That person had a vision. A vision to restore what I had made a mess of and a vision to repair the damage caused by others. When that person came, it was someone who hung in front of me with their head hung and their hands nailed to a cross.

When God sent Jesus, it wasn’t while we were living our best lives. Jesus came when we were living messed up lives. But God had compassion. When I stop long enough to get this vision of Jesus on the cross, it helps me with where my life sits. It helps to remember that I am not without help today and I am not without hope to face the trials of tomorrow.

No matter how life looks on the outside or in the parts people can’t see, know that God is standing there with His blueprint for our lives. He sees far beyond what we feel or what others might think can’t be repaired. His plans are good. His plans require a measure of pain as He breaks downs walls and tears down strongholds, but His plans are good. His plans might be adding or removing things, but His plans are good.

When I remember this, I can stop striving when things go wrong in the process. I will stop trying to fix all the things, I will be quiet and wait for His direction, I will turn from my sin, and I will stand. In the process, I will have the courage not to run but to stand with my armor secured fighting this battle God’s way.

Terasha Burrell